Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Adventure Today!!

Wow, today was quite the day! As you know, I live in the mountains where big things eat little things like me. So I spend most of my time safe indoors (except for vicious paper bags, beware!) with my boyfriend and people. I like to go out on the upper deck a lot when it's warm (still not crazy about that white snow stuff) to view the world and watch out for that pesky Abert's squirrel (more on that later). And very rarely, I go outside with one of my humans to sniff around.

Well today was going along normally and I had enjoyed a nice nap in the sun and a good preening session. When one of my people comes to tell me that the herd of deer was back! I loves to watch deer (my tail gets all twitchy with excitement) and sometimes they loves to watch me.

My people said this deer was probably about my age, just a year old, and we may even have the same birthday (March is a good month!). So we checked each other out for a while. Then my female human wondered if I'd like to go out and meet my friend!

Well let me tell you, those deer are heck of a lot bigger than they look from behind a window!! I'm tellin' you, mule deer are HUGE! I know my cousins the mountain lions eat them but I think I'll stick to mice.

Fortunately, I am well camouflaged for stalking these beasts. I managed to scare this one off with my fierce leonine presence. Once our yard was safe, I went back inside where it's nice and warm and safe.


Daisy said...

YIKES! Vishus deer! Vishus deer! Be very, very careful.

kaps said...


very nice blog